PROJECT in progress :

We inform and educate regarding race/ethnic relations to:

  • Eliminate and counter misunderstanding and negative political propaganda.
  • Raise awareness of race/ethnic equality issues with both public sector organisations and private businesses.
  • Challenge prejudice and disadvantage and promote the importance of a diverse society.
  • Inform minority ethnic individuals of their rights.
  • Strengthen communities relations INTERNATIONAL.
  • Work with partner organisations to influence policy and combat racial discrimination and racial violence.
  • Uphold both the letter and the spirit of UK and EU law.
  • Meet organizations offering grants, loans, and other business support and wanting to work with various businesses.
  • Gain exposure for your diverse business.
  • Connect with likeminded business people.
  • Is owned by people from ethnic minorities.
  • Offers services from other countries or cultures.
  • Employs people from ethnic minorities, or simply.
  • We supports inclusion and we open to working with people from other countries and cultures.

  • It aims to launch in the virtual environment a community divided into groups with common activities and concerns that express their interest in participating in the acquisition of shares, which will be exploited by experts through competent systems and institutions.
    These will be achieved step by step through the development of partnerships and programs with public authorities and partners from non-profit organizations and the private sector in order to implement cooperation projects on information and communication technologies in the field of education, training, research and development.
    Initiation, creation, support and development of local multimedia studios to promote the commercial and economic interests of shareholders, with the mission of being a source of specialized advice and information services for those interested.
  • The project includes the expansion of communication solutions and the creative creation of several online RadioTV channels dedicated to various topics, by applying new and accessible tools in modern technology, for information, education and recreation, for the community and for the general public (made, coordinated and administered by children / young people / parents / specialists under the mentorship and support of competent experts and institutions).

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